Our Services

Our team of experienced professionals is qualified to perform any and all facilities and referendum-planning activities and services from acting as Architect of Record to project completion.
Here is a sample of what we can do for you.

Educational Facility Planning

  • Create enrollment projections.
  • Evaluate existing capacity in light of current and future enrollment, curricula, and technological needs.
  • Develop educational specifications from administrative and staff input that encompasses the district’s educational environment and the need for flexibility.
  • Review architectural plans to ensure congruity between educational specifications and building design.
  • Assist with site-selection process.

Design Services

  • Use of educational specifications, from preliminary through final plans, as the basis for building and space design for additions, renovations, or new construction.
  • Develop budget estimates.
  • Involve staff in periodic design reviews of existing facilities and those under construction.
  • Attend job meetings at regular intervals to observe construction.

Technology Services

  • Develop educational and architectural/engineering specifications for district technology plans.
  • Identify and recommend hardware and software based on the district plan.
  • Evaluate existing technology for efficiency and suitability.


Public Information

  • Assist district staff and grass roots community groups in identifying referendum campaign strategies.
  • Develop supporting materials and participate in public presentations where appropriate.
  • Assist with informational brochures, newsletters, and other publications for distribution to the community.

Financial Information Support

  • Identify alternative funding approaches.
  • Pursue project savings through, e.g. co-generation, computerized HVAC systems, etc.
  • Meet with district staff and financial advisor to determine project feasibility.
  • Provide alternative methods for payment of professional fees.

Technical Information Support

  • Develop clearly written, easily interpreted architectural specifications.
  • Qualify bids for Board action in compliance with district requirements.
  • Interpret all relevant regulations to assure complete compliance throughout the project.
  • Provide effective contract administration and documentation.


Inter-Governmental Relations

  • Prepare documentation for and follow-up with governmental agencies granting project approvals.
  • Submit all educational specifications, building design plans and specifications as required for approval by the NJ Department of Education’s Bureau of Facility Planning Services.

Alternative Energy

TDC Experience and System Considerations:

  • Solar Energy Systems
    • Roof mounted
    • Parking lot canopies
  • Wind Energy Systems
    • Vertical mounted systems
  • Cogeneration Heat/Cooling and Electrical Energy
    • Micro Turbines
  • Ice Storage Cooling
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling
  • Energy Star Compliant High Efficiency Systems
    • Boilers
    • Day Lighting Systems
    • Occupancy Sensors
    • Temperature Control Management Systems
    • Electrical Distribution Systems
    • Water Saving Systems
  • Building Envelope
    • Roof Systems and Insulation
    • Window Replacement
    • Door Replacement

Alternative Energy

TDC Services:

  • Data Gathering
    • Analyze existing building envelope and infrastructure
    • Gather data on history of utility expenditures
    • Target upgrades for Energy Star Compliance
    • Project potential energy savings and "paybacks"
  • Coordinate with District NJDOE Long Range Plan "System Actions"
  • Financing Considerations
    • Formulate strategies for implementation
    • Project potential earnings and tax impacts
    • Obtain NJDOE relevant aid approvals
      • Debt-service aid
      • ROD grants
      • Stimulus funds
      • BPU programs
  • Assist in pre-referendum information campaign
  • Assist in informing the public of the educational and environmental benefits