Bidding Information

Lenape Regional High School District - Shawnee High School Chiller Replacement


Owner: Lenape Regional High School District Board of Education

Location: Burlington County

Contract Type: Lump Sum

Architect's Project Number: 2-010-18/8000 AWARDED


The Bidder, or its sub-contractors, shall be classified by the State of New Jersey – Division of Property Management and Construction, and the New Jersey Schools Development Authority in one of the following classification:

C032   “HVACR”
The Bidder shall further name and include pre-qualification information for the following Subcontractors:
C009   “General Construction/Alterations and Additions”
C029   “Structural Steel and Ornamental Iron”
C030 “Plumbing”
C047   “Electrical

The Bidder, and any sub-contractor classified under the above categories must present evidence INCLUDED WITHIN THEIR FORM OF BID, of their pre-qualifications, including current New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJSDA), Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC) Copy of “Notice of Classification”, Current DPMC Copy of “Total Amount of Uncompleted Contracts” and Business Registration Certificate.

a. General Coordination responsibilities including the following:
1) Coordination of the work with Sub-Contractors and the Owner’s forces ac-tive on the project site.  All Contractors shall act in accordance with the schedule dictated by the Owner, and shall coordinate all construction activities through the General Contractor and Owner, as agreed and accepted by the Owner and Architect.
b. Selective demolition responsibilities included within the scope of the project shall include the following:
1) Removal of mechanical equipment, including the existing direct fired ab-sorption chiller, piping pumps and accessories as delineated within the construction drawings.
2) Disconnect Heat Exchanger
3) Remove Piping to / from Heat Exchanger
4) Remove / Recover excess fluids and solutions including lithium bromide.  The reclaimed refrigerant shall become the property of the contactor, and the value of which shall be included reflected within the Contractor’s bid.  The contractor shall provide disposal slips for all reclaimed and disposed waster material.
5) Electrical disconnect
6) Removal of equipment and accessories as designated and required to com-plete the scope of the proposed work.
7) Cutting of existing steel/concrete deck and roofing as required to accommodate the construction proposed.  New steel roof frames, patching and repair of the existing thermoplastic roofing system as required to accommodate the new construction.  All roof repairs made shall be in compliance with the existing “Flex” roof warranty and must be performed by a “Flex” approved subcontractor.
8) Repair, patching and preparation of existing GWB and masonry wall surfaces as required to accommodate the proposed construction, and as required to accept the specified finishes.
9) Removal and relocation of existing electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems indicated and required for the performance of the proposed work.
c. Crane Services as required to remove the existing chiller, and set the new. Crane operations are to be scheduled while the Cafeteria Mechanical Room wing of the building is unoccupied.  The crane schedule must be approved in writing by the Owner prior to equipment delivery.
d. Supply and installation of steel framing lintels and supports as required to accom-modate the proposed mechanical construction.  Note that the roof conditions vary at each area, and are to be field verified.
e. Removal and restoration interior finishes, including coordination and sequencing of the work with the owner and other contractors forces contractors.
f. Supply and installation of any galvanized dunnage framing, and preparation of the existing concrete pier and bearing plates.
g. Patching of building finishes damaged or altered as a result of the work of this contract
h. Mechanical / Plumbing Work, including but not limited to new boiler, cooling tower, chiller and chiller components removal demolition and relocation.  The full scope of the work shall be as delineated within the Contract documents, and shall include, but is not limited to the following,
1) Supply and installation of all equipment, including the chiller, evaporator . heat exchanger
2) New Piping, valves, traps, piping insulation, to / from chiller, evaporator / heat exchanger
3) New Condensing Boilers
4) Piping Connections
5) Supply and Installation of new cooling tower
6) Restoration of existing cooler tower
7) Electrical Connections,
8) Performance of pressure tests.
9) Pressure Test / Evacuate / Charge the complete system.
10) Full charging and balancing of refrigerants specified.
11) Testing and balancing as required for the completion operation of the com-missioning system.
i. Electrical Work, including, but not limited to electrical demolition and relocation, and supply and installation of new electrical services shown and required for a complete operating system.
j. Warranties as specified.
k. Temporary services specified and required.  In the event that the chiller is not in full operation by July 22, 2019, the Contractor shall provide a temporary trailer mounted temporary chiller with a capacity of not less than 200 tons, as manufac-tured by Trane, Carrier, or equal,  for the use by the Owner.  It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to provide all services and accessories required for the installation of the temporary chiller as required to fully service the effected spaces, including but not limited to piping, insulation, electrical services, controls, testing and stand-by service.  The Contractor shall further be responsible modifications and repairs to the existing building structure and building envelope to accommodate the temporary chiller.

IF NECESSARY, AN ADDENDUM WILL BE ISSUED on Thursday, November 29, 2018.


Pre-Bid Meeting Information

Mandatory: No

Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Shawnee High School
600 Tabernacle Road
All are to sign in at main office - walk-thru will follow meeting
Medford,, NJ 08055
Phone: 1609-268-2000

Document Availability

Available as of: Monday, November 5, 2018

Cost: Non-Refundable $25.00 Bids will be distributed electronically by Architect

Payable To: Lenape Regional High School District - MAIL YOUR CHECK TO ARCHITECT WITH EMAIL ADDRESS

Return Policy: Non-Refundable

Available at:
The Design Collaborative Architects and Planners, PA
414 Garden State Parkway
Parkway North Access Road
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
Phone: 609-465-4111

Bid Submission/Deadline

Bids Due By: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Submit Bids to:
Lenape Regional High School District Board of Education
93 Willow Grove Road
Attn: Ms. Constance L. Stewart, Business Administrator
Shamong, NJ 08088
Phone: 609-268-2000



Bernal Mechanical
2569 N. Delsea Drive
Vineland,, NJ 08360
Phone: 856-692-8048

Construct Connect
3825 Edwards Road
Suite 800
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Phone: 800-364-2059 x 7052

Dolan Mechanical
638 Johnson Road
Sicklerville, NJ 08081
Phone: 856-629-9331

Driscoll Mechanical, L.L.C.
109 Main Street
Mount Ephraim, NJ 08059
Phone: 856-349-2429

EACM Corp.
1070 Ocean Avenue
Sea Bright, NJ 07701
Phone: 732-842-4777

Estock Piping Co., LLC
569 Chesterfield - Arneytown Road
Chesterfield, NJ 08515
Phone: 609-291-1989

Falasca Mechanical
3329 North Mill Road
Vineland, NJ 08360
Phone: 856-794-2010

Gaudelli Bros. Mechanical, Inc.
202 S Wade Blvd.
Millville Industrial Park
Millville, NJ 08332
Phone: 856-825-0636

Kaser Mechanical, LLC
1150 East Broad Street
Burlington,, NJ 08016
Phone: 609-353-1360

Kisby Shore
610 North New Jersey Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08404
Phone: 609-345-3265

Kisby Shore
610 North New Jersey Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08404
Phone: 609-345-3265

LGB Mechanical, Inc.
555 North Route 73
West Berlin, NJ 08091
Phone: 856-719-1400

McCloskey Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
445 Lower Landing Road
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone: 856-784-5080

Shelby Mechanical
1009 Broad Street
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Phone: 856-665-4540

Surety Mechanical Services
2933-35 Rorer Street
Philadelphia, PA 17134-3018
Phone: 215-425-9461

Thassian Mechanical Contracting, Inc.
641 State Route 36
Belford, NJ 07718
Phone: 732-787-3300

Thermal Piping
493 Sykesville Road
Wrightstown, NJ 08562
Phone: 609-724-0006

Bid Results

BidderTypeBase BidAwarded Amount
Bernal MechanicalLS$2,295,200.00
EACM Corp.LS$2,150,000.00
Falasca MechanicalLS$2,457,600.00
Gaudelli Bros. Mechanical, Inc.LS$2,642,000.00
Kaser Mechanical, LLCLS$2,228,000.00
Kisby ShoreLS$2,182,200.00
Shelby MechanicalLS$2,475,000.00
Surety Mechanical ServicesLS$1,918,901.00
Thermal PipingLS1,929,000.002,108,500.00


  • GC - General Contractor
  • P - Plumbing
  • E - Electrical
  • SS - Structural Steel
  • V - Vendor
  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, AC
  • RS - Reporting Service
  • SW - Site Work
  • F - Furniture
  • LS - Lump Sum