Project Details

Type: Residential

Mea Residence

Reeds Beach, New Jersey

The Mea residence located on North Beach Avenue in Reeds Beach, NJ was a one-story, one bedroom structure approximately 2 feet above existing grade. The building was damaged during Hurricane Sandy and required reconstruction. During the initial visit at the property , it was readily apparent that the floor plan of the current building was cramped, resulting in some form of expansion to meet the needs of the family. Additionally, the foundation was insufficient. The Design Collaborative developed a concept that involved moving the existing structure to an adjacent lot, construction of a new piling foundation system, re-placing the existing house on top of the new foundation via crane, and expanding the structure with a new second/attic area. Accomodations for the family separated the sleeping areas to the new second floor, keeping living areas on the first floor, completely in compliance with the flood hazard regulations. A "seashore cottage" design with front, back and side decks suited all of the owner's wishes.