Project Details

Type: Residential

Howarth Residence

Reeds Beach, New Jersey

In the wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012, the Howarth family were faced with a decision to keep their 1957 trailer/RV on-site and face the constant maintenance requirements of the aging sturcture, or attempt to construct a traditional replacement dwelling in Reeds Beach. The Howarth family enlisted the services of The Design Collaborative to assist in their decision. Three deimensional digital concepts of various options were developed and discussed. Views of both the waterfront and the bay/meadow area from the living rooms were preferred by the family. The final concept included a two-story two bedroom single family home with two living rooms. One living room situated on the first floor faced the waterfront, while the second living room was on the second floor facing the bay/meadows. Due to Cape May County Health Department for a replacmeent in-kind, the building was limited to two bedrooms. The flood hazard requirements for elevating the first floor along with the undersized characteristics of the lot provided challenges for the design team. Ultimately the concept desired by the owners obtained all of the required approvals.