Project Details

Type: Residential

Deegler - Residential - Multi Family Units

3rd Avenue, North Wildwood, New Jersey

The Design Collaborative was contacted by Mr. Deegler for advice in reconstructing his multi-family units that were storm damaged by Hurricne Sandy. The bayfront property was a multi-use site consisting of rental units, marina and a seafood restaurant "shack". All of the uses were non-conforming with the current zoning ordinance, and one of the structures containing the rental units was substantially damaged by flooding, and was not in compliance with the flood hazard requirements. The Design Collaborative was engaged to develop a new site and replacement building plans for three new three bedroom units that would complement and not disturb the marina and restaurant and gain approval from the City of North Wildwood Zoning Board. Plans for three new townhouses with required parking were provided. Approvals were first obtained for the nonconforming multi-uses before full construction documents were produced. Ultimately a fishing village concept evolved in conformance with zoning approval, construction code, and flood hazard regulations.