Project Details

Type: Alternative Energy

Wetlands Institute Solar Energy

Stone Harbor, New Jersey

A Partnership of The Design Collaborative, Cape May Technical School, Cape Atlantic Workforce Investment Board, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Wetlands Institute collaborated in the spring of 2010 on a project that trained displaced workers to install photovoltaic energy systems on rooftop arrays. The product of the collaboration is a 5 Kw rooftop solar array mounted on the rear of one of the Wetlands Institute’s buildings that supplies electricity to keep some of its many displays running. The project will: 1) Generate more than $1,000 annual reduction in the WI’s electric bill; 2) Help to train photovoltaic system installers; 3) Provide both a working model and a “please touch” model display for the public to view; 4) Create awareness of how to implement renewable energy systems – something people can do at home; 5) Demonstrate how partners can come together to implement alternative energy and take positive steps to “go green.”